Under the Women’s Fund, FOCDE provides Small Grants ranging from $500-$1000 for Women’ s projects: The small grants are used to implement grassroots projects that empower women and girls in communities. Small Grants can be used to implement projects for empowering women and girls in the following focus areas;

  • Community development
  • Women empowerment
  • Health and nutritional support
  • Literacy and leadership training
  • Educational seminars and workshops
  • Women’s human rights
  • Safety, security and protection for Women Human Rights Defenders
  • Groups that are governed and directed by women
  • COVID-19 Emergencies

FOCDE does not provide small grants for ;

  1. Individual scholarships and tuition
  2. Political organizations
  3. Religious groups unless the proposed project contributes to the general good of the community
  4. The construction of permanent buildings or the purchase of land
  5. Salaries for board members and permanent staff but may include stipends/honoraria for external resource people/trainers

Small Grants Application

All interested applicants must submit complete a letter of Intent (LOI). Letters of Intent are received on rolling basis. After LOIs are reviewed, your group may or may not be invited to move forward in our funding process, with the completion of our full application.

  1. The Letter of Intent must be submitted by a group of women
  2. The proposal addresses the empowerment of women and girls and will lead to action and sustainable change in the community
  3. The proposal clearly reflects the participation of women/girls in its development and design.
  4. The project addresses sustainability after FOCDE funding with continued involvement in the larger community
  5. Women are well represented in the leadership, staff and management of the group and project.
  6. The group can demonstrate its ability to mobilize resources from local sources/Community
  7. The Letter of Intent provides reliable email addresses as well as phone numbers
  8. The proposal must present a true budget with a clear explanation of all items. The budget amount requested from FOCDE must not exceed $1,000 USD.
  9. Other sponsors or potential funding for this project must be clearly identified
  10. The timeline of activities is realistic and achievable

To apply for a grant, send your letter of intent to grants@FOCDEuganda.org